The Different Cord Blood Banking Options: Cord Tissue and Placenta Tissue

A clothesline with two different options in it to symbolize the different cord blood banking options

What are my cord blood banking options?

If you’re pregnant and considering the choice to save your baby’s cord blood, you need to know the different cord blood banking options available. Not all stem cells from cord blood banking are the same. Blood can be saved from either the placenta or umbilical cord blood.

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Placental Tissue vs Cord Blood Stem Cells: What is the difference?

Both contain different types of stem cells, but one kind is especially helpful in treatment medical conditions in the future. These cells are called hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), and there are more of them in the placenta than in the umbilical cord. These stem cells can help treat 80 plus diseases.

They can regenerate meaning a patient can use them for multiple treatments.

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HSCs are important for these reasons:

  • Because the placenta contains many more hematopoietic stem cells, transplants containing these are known to provide a better patient survival rate
  • The amount of cord blood is not enough for a patient who weighs more than 65 pounds, but the placenta has more blood cells.
  • With more stem cells available in the placenta, extras left over from a transplant can be saved for future uses

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MSCs are import for these reasons:

  • They can turn into any muscle, cartilage, bone, or skin component.
  • There are many clinical trials happening now using MSCs to treat diseases that affect millions of people.
  • They can regenerate meaning a patient can use them for multiple treatments. When MSCs are removed from being cryopreserved and thawed a portion of them can be used while the rest begins to grow.

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Cord Blood Banking Is a Decision That Should Be Made Early in Pregnancy

It is important to make your decision about cord blood banking early in your pregnancy. This is due to the fact that almost half of all babies are born before their due date. You will want to be prepared for placenta banking if this is what you choose to do to save your baby’s stem cells.