Tissue Banking

Learn about the hidden potential of mesenchymal stem cells for the entire family and how to save them for when the hope of regenerative medicine becomes a reality.

A photo of a young girl dressed as a doctor to symbolize how the umbilcal cord tissue is processed.

How Umbilical Cord Tissue And Placenta Tissue Are Processed Before Being Stored

Curious about how umbilical cord tissue and placenta tissue are processed and stored in our labs? Find out more about Americord's tissue processing method.

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A young child who is thinking about cord tissue banking, but is still unsure of the benefits.

Cord Tissue Banking: Still Unsure?

Cord blood and tissue banking can provide baby with 20 years of protection. You’ve probably heard about cord blood banking, but what about cord tissue banking?

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A photo of the word

Should I Bank Cord Tissue Stem Cells: Pros & Cons And How It Can Be Used

Considering saving cord tissue? Learn more about the benefits of preserving umbilical cord tissue stem cells and a wide array of diseases they can treat.

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The comparison of an apple and organce to symbolize the differences between cord blood and cord tissue.

Cord Blood Banking vs. Cord Tissue Banking: Benefits & Uses

Cord blood and cord tissue have many differences. However, they both contain stem cells that can be used to treat a variety of diseases. Find out more.

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A rope in the shape of a heart that symbolizes that cord tissue banking advantages because the stem cells come from the umbilical cord.

Cord Tissue Banking Advantages For Your Child

Cord tissue is a rich source of MSCs that can treat a plethora of diseases cord blood stem cells can't. Learn how cord tissue banking can protect your family.

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A clothesline with two different options in it to symbolize the different cord blood banking options

The Different Cord Blood Banking Options: Cord Tissue and Placenta Tissue

Considering saving your baby’s cord blood? Learn more about different stem cell banking options, such as cord tissue banking and placental tissue banking.

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A photo of glasses and a textbook symbolzing a new cord tissue cryopreservation study.

New Research Shows That Cryopreservation Doesn't Affect MSCs Viability

New research at The University of Arizona shows that the cord tissue cryopreservation does not affect viability. Learn more about the research.

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