It’s Your Third Trimester - 10 Things You Should Do

A photo of a stuffed money to symbolize the third trimester of pregnancy.

Week 28! Congratulations and welcome to your third trimester! Your energy may be getting lower, but your excitement is surely building as you look forward to welcoming your baby (or babies!) in person. In the remaining weeks of your pregnancy, there are a number of things you can do to make the time pass more quickly and make sure you are ready for the weeks and months to come.

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Take It Easy In Your Third Trimester

First and foremost, take it easy. Take a gentle prenatal yoga class or do stretches at home to help ease the strain your growing belly has put on your body. Put your feet up and watch fun movies or catch up on the latest season of your favorite TV show. Eat healthy small meals or snacks to keep your energy up.

Make A Birth-Day Plan

Map out your route to the hospital or birthing center and even put the car seat in about a week before your due date so it’s ready for the ride home. Make sure you have a list of key phone numbers handy – your doctor, midwife, doula, or anyone else who you want with you when you go into labor. Also, your doctor will know where to go, but make sure everyone else has directions to the hospital or birthing center.

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Choose Your Baby’s Name

Choosing a name for your new baby is a lot of fun, and easy to do from the comfort of your sofa. Consider whether you want to use a family name, think about the spelling of names that have different versions, or do some research and discover a name you hadn’t considered before.

Choose A Pediatrician

Talk to other parents and your OB-GYN for recommendations, and visit Healthy Children for tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics on how to choose a pediatrician that is right for you. Also, remember to speak to your insurance company about how to get your baby covered.

Make sure you have a list of key phone numbers handy – your doctor, midwife, doula, or anyone else who you want with you when you go into labor.

Compare Blood Banks

Pack In Advance

About a week or so before your due date, pack the things you will need for yourself during labor and after you give birth, and the things you will need for your new baby. The people at Parents offer a great guide for what to take along.

Don’t Forget Critical Details

Remember that you will need photo identification at the hospital birthing center, as well as your insurance information. Also, if you plan to save your baby’s cord blood, don’t forget to put your cord blood kit in or next to your personal bag. If you haven’t made arrangements to save cord blood, but you want to, Americord can get you signed up quickly and immediately send you the kit you will need to take to the hospital.

Refer a Friend

Organize The Nursery

Now is a great time to unwrap all of the baby gifts you have received and things you have bought and put them in their right place in the nursery, kitchen, and bathroom. Also, remember to wash all of the baby’s clothes now so that they will be fresh and ready when you need them.

Get Familiar With Baby Equipment

Remember how Prince William so confidently secured the baby seat in the car for the ride home from the hospital? Well, he practiced in advance, and so should you. While the car seat is the most critical piece of safety equipment, now is a great time to figure out how to set up the stroller, and assemble the crib and bassinet.

Arrange For Post-Birth Helpers

Depending on your personal style, budget, and other factors (a complicated birth, twins or triplets, other children at home), you may want to arrange for a professional baby nurse to help in the days or weeks after you give birth. The third trimester is the ideal time to interview candidates and ensure that the right one for you will be available when you come home from the hospital.

Choose A Birth Announcement

This is one of those things that can be a lot of fun in the weeks leading up to your baby’s birth, but will easily get de-prioritized when you come home with your demanding little bundle of joy. Choose a birth announcement now and organize the mailing list. After your baby arrives, you can give the key information (birthdate, name, weight, etc.) to a friend or family member to place the order.