7 Creative Halloween Costumes for Moms-to-be

A photo of a belly painted to be a pumpkin as an option for maternity costumes for Halloween.

Creative costume ideas to showcase your baby bump

It’s Halloween, time to dress up! The kids may have their costumes together but in case you haven’t figured out just what to do with that baby bump yet, we’re here to suggest some creative ideas for maternity costumes. Whether you choose to be cute, sexy or funny this year,  take advantage of the opportunity to dress up the bump and make it the star.

We’ve compiled the following list of budget friendly costume themes keeping your belly in mind.

Costumes shouldn’t have to be elaborate or expensive.

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Play with Puns

  1. Bun in the oven

Okay it’s cliche, but it’s also adorable. A simple baker’s hat will get your message across. You could also buy a pre-made costume or easily make your own “oven.” To do so, take a large cardboard box. Cut out the bottom, cut a hole in the top, and cut two holes on either side near the top of the box for your arms. Make sure you cut the holes large enough to remain comfortable. The box now should slide on easily and fit loosely around your body. Then cut a square in the front of the box where your belly is. This cut-out will be the door of the oven. Then using a non-toxic acrylic paint, paint the box either white or silver (if you’re a stainless steel kind of girl) and slip it over a solid colored outfit and you’re good to go.

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This creative maternity costume is funny, cheap and lends itself to couple’s costumes! You and your man can dress up as construction workers. He can throw on his tool belt and you can wear that one pair of paint stained jeans you own. Accessorize with a hard hat from the costume store and make a road sign to stick to your belly that says, “bump ahead.” We promise, everyone will love it.

  1. Mother Earth

Make a flower headband out of fake flowers and garden wire from the craft store (or borrow your niece’s from Coachella). Pair that with a green sweater and you are one zen, comfy Earth Mother.

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Animal Pregnancy Costumes 

  1. Nursing cow

What better way to represent your silly and nurturing side than be a nursing cow. Find some pajamas or a onesie with a cow print or just pick up some ears and a tail at the costume shop. Super easy!

  1. Winnie the Pooh

This is one of our favorite ideas for a creative maternity costume as Winnie the Pooh is always cute and recognizable with his sizable belly. Layer a red crop top over a tan bodysuit, or wear it on its own if you’re feeling bold. Top off your look with some animal ears and face paint and you’re good to go.

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Stereotype Pregnancy Halloween Costumes 

  1. Soccer Mom

You may be years away from buying that mini van but this is a costume everyone will get. Put on your tennis shoes and hang a whistle around your neck and you’re now a soccer parent. Scary right?

  1. Schoolgirl

You have a cynical side and we love it. What better time to be a scandalous schoolgirl than now?

Costumes shouldn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. We hope you are inspired by our creative maternity costumes and embrace the chance to get a little crafty with your baby bump this halloween.

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