Eating Chocolate When Pregnant Can Be Good For You


Eating chocolate while pregnancy can be comforting and mood-improving. 

Chocolate is comforting and an almost instant mood-improver, but has always been made out to be totally bad for you, So while you might feel like it’s unhealthy, don’t put down that bar of chocolate yet. There’s good news! Eating chocolate while you’re pregnant is perfectly safe. Not only is it safe, there’s strong evidence that suggests that regularly eating chocolate, especially the dark high cocoa content kind, can reduce your risk of preeclampsia and gestational hypertension.

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Chocolate Studies

In a particular study, the researchers examined a group of 2991 women within a particular period of time. The women reported their chocolate consumption in the first and third trimester. The detailed medical records of the women were then used to assess preeclampsia. The study concluded that chocolate may lower the risk of preeclampsia.

Another study also found that chocolate may help improve placental and fetal circulations during pregnancy. "This study indicates that chocolate could have a positive impact on placental and fetal growth and development and that chocolate's effects are not solely and directly due to flavanol content," said one of the researchers Emmanuel Bujold, M.D., in the study’s release.

What’s more, a third study also found that women who ate chocolate regularly during pregnancy tended to have babies who were happier and livelier. The mothers reported eating chocolate daily rated the temperaments of their babies more positively at 6 months of age

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Consuming chocolate in moderation is necessary for the following reasons:

The ACOG recommends pregnant women take a daily 200 mg or less of caffeine. Chocolate contains caffeine, so if you already drink any sort of caffeinated drink regularly, you should monitor how much chocolate you’re eating.

Note: Dark chocolate typically contains more mgs of caffeine than milk chocolate.

Eating lots of it will make you less hungry and therefore unable to consume enough healthy foods needed for a balanced diet and safe pregnancy.

Chocolate generally contains a high amount of calories and thus over-consuming it may lead to unhealthy weight gain. 

You should cut down on the amount of chocolate you are eating or stop if:

  • You're having trouble controlling your blood sugar

Please consult your doctor if these issues persist. 

No particular study or authority has been able to recommend a suitable amount of chocolate one should consume daily, so treat yourself regularly but don’t overdo it to maintain a healthy pregnancy! For more information on how to maintain a healthy pregnancy, please visit our Healthy Pregnancy Guide

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