Pregnancy Tips

Tips and tricks for a safe and healthy pregnancy. From nutrition and exercise to unexpected steps you can take to help baby develop to their fullest potential.


A Quantum Leap In Healthcare For At-Risk Moms

Discover how cord blood banking can provide peace-of-mind to at-risk moms inside!

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healthy pregnancy

Nutrition During Pregnancy with Allergies

Nutrition during pregnancy is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy delivery. Read about your options if you have allergies while pregnant.

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Chickenpox and Pregnancy

Chickenpox is a common childhood disease that causes an itchy, uncomfortable rash and red spots or blistering (pox) all over the body.

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Pregnancy Brain

Misplaced your car keys, only to find them later in the freezer? Left the house wearing mismatched shoes, or with your pants on backwards? Join the club; we’ve all been there!

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How to keep a healthy diet during pregnancy?

As a mother-to-be, your food and diet choices no longer affect just your own health, but also that of your baby’s.

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Pregnancy Exercises

The coronation of completing your figurative Tour de France, also known as pregnancy, is the arrival of baby.

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A baby smiling to symbolize cord blood use for high-risk pregnancies.

Cord Blood Use in High-Risk Pregnancies | Americord

Umbilical cord and placenta stem cells have remarkable medical potential, especially for expectant mothers who are having a high-risk pregnancy. Learn more about the connection between stem cell research and high-risk pregnancy.

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A table with food on it in pairs to symbolize eating for two.

The Dos and Don’ts of Eating For Two

If you’re pregnant, you probably have plenty of questions about what you should or shouldn’t eat and drink during pregnancy, especially if you’re a first-time mom. Friends and family members may already be bombarding you with dos and don’ts during your pregnancy.

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A photo of many buttons connected by a string as a symbol of the belly button and umbilical cord.

5 Umbilical Cord Facts You Didn't Know

There's much more to what the umbilical cord does besides helping feed your baby when it is in the womb. Here are 5 fun facts you probably didn’t know.

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This is a clear photo of veggies on a white background

What are the benefits of a vegan diet during pregnancy?

Eating a vegan diet can contribute great health benefits to you. Regardless of what stage in your life you are, the possibilities are endless. Pregnant women

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Lyme Disease During Pregnancy

Lyme Disease & Pregnancy

Can Lyme disease during pregnancy lead to complications? Learn more about how to prevent and treat Lyme while you are pregnant.

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Leafy Greens Salad Folic Acid

5 Salads Full of Folic Acid

It is important to keep a healthy diet during pregnancy to ensure the growth of the placenta and baby. Find out how you can get your daily recommended intake of folic acid with these 5 salad recipes!

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A photo of a young child telling the world tips for a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Helpful Information and Tips for a Safe & Healthy Pregnancy

Having a safe pregnancy is the most important part of your journey. We've compiled some helpful tips and information to help you through it.

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A photo of the words Get Your Flu Shot to show how important it is for pregnant women to recieve their flu shot.

Influenza and Pregnancy: What New Moms Need to Know About Flu Shots

Pregnancy women are even more likely to be affected by the flu. See how the flu shot can protect expectant mothers and babies from the harmful effects.

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A picture of coffee beans to symbolize caffeine intake during pregnancy.

Drinking Coffee During Pregnancy: What you need to know

Can you or can't you? That is the question. Drinking coffee during pregnancy, we've compiled the latest research for you!

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A photo of a woman in a bubble bath as a symbol for pregnancy myths.

Top Seven Pregnancy Myths - Debunked

Being pregnant comes with a lot of do's and don'ts. Which ones should you really listen to? Here are the top pregnancy myths that are 100% not true.

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A photo of a brain that is thinking about icecream to symbolize common pregnancy cravings.

Why Do Pregnant Women Crave Pickles and Ice Cream? There’s a Science to It

Mysterious and delicious, with all our technological breakthroughs and medical advancements, see why scientists still don’t know the cause of pregnancy cravings.

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A cluster of red blood cells to symbolize how blood clots can form.

Blood Clots & Pregnancy: Risk, Prevention & Cord Blood Banking

Pregnant woman are 5 times more likely to develop life-threatening blood clots. Learn more about the risks of blood clots while pregnant and how to avoid them.

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A picture of vegetables to symbolize where you can get enough folic acid during pregnancy.

Folic Acid: The Vitamin You Need for a Healthy Pregnancy

Learn why you need folic acid in your diet before and during pregnancy. What benefits for baby does it have? And how you can get enough of it!

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Maintaining a healthy and safe vegan pregnancy

Vegan Pregnancy - How to Stay Healthy

How do you get your key proteins and nutrients during pregnancy on a vegan or vegetarian diet? Learn how to stay healthy without sacrificing your principles.

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