Happy Father’s Day!

A photo of a baby being held by their father with a black background to celebrate Father's Day.

Dads take note, Father’s Day is for you.

You support your family, both physically and mentally, open wallet and open arms.  You work tirelessly and love unconditionally. As a dad you’ve been there through it all, from bumps and bruises to fights and teasing. Your support makes the tough times manageable and the good times great.

You are the carpool race-car driver, the diaper-changing specialist, the playground mediator, and the gourmet snack pack preparer. Trick-or-treat body guard, tutor in every subject, and barbecue master.

You are the best tea party companion, army commando, ballerina, basketball star, easy bake taster and soccer coach of the house. You are a lawn mower engineer and the fashion police all in one.

You are the tough shell of an egg when your daughter meets a boy and the gooey yolk when she leaves home for the first time.

You, dads, deserve a round of applause, enjoy the day off and take some time for yourself, tomorrow you’ll be needed again.

On this June 16th we celebrate all the fathers. Today is your day to relax, sit back and be appreciated for all you do. Today, at Americord, we recognize the fathers that put their children first.

Happy Father’s Day from Americord!

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