Cord Blood Awareness Month: Americord & Healthy Mama

Americord and Healthy Mama brands team up to promote cord blood education for cord blood awareness month.

You can’t wait for that day to arrive…. Oh, were you talking about the due date? We’ve been waiting all year for Cord Blood Awareness Month! But if you’re waiting for a certain bundle to arrive, this month is for you.

Dedicated to the wellness and health of mommies and babies, healthy mama brand and Americord are partnering for this year’s Cord Blood Awareness Month, running throughout July. The cord blood banking industry has never been more appealing, and mothers around the world are anxiously searching for the safest and most affordable answer. Luckily, Americord embodies an ideal solution: safe and economic, while ensuring exceptional quality. So partnering with healthy mama brand was a no-brainer! Healthy mama brand offers a myriad of products to help mommas every step of the way. Designed by mommas, healthy mama presents a line of state of the art products for all mothers that are safe, natural, and affordable!

For this year’s Cord Blood Awareness Month, we’re partnering with healthy mama brand, as two organizations committed to the well-being of all mothers. Umbilical cord blood and tissue banking is becoming more common but expecting moms and dads are sometimes still unfamiliar with their options. Stem cells from the umbilical cord and placenta are valuable, untouched stem cells that can only be collected at birth and we’re here to spread the word! Americord is dedicated to helping families access the highest quality cord blood banking for the best value. For Cord Blood Awareness Month, we hope to educate parents on the benefits of cord blood and tissue banking and how to help keep their family happy and healthy!

Healthy mama brand was started by, you guessed it, a mama. So they understand that with every itty-bitty baby comes a bunch of not so itty-bitty ailments. Morning Sickness, constipation, heartburn, fatigue, sleeplessness, and cravings for pickles covered in peanut butter. We’ve been through it too; so no matter the ailment, the questions, or the concern, “We got you, mama.” From constipation to headaches, the solution has never been more accessible with healthy mama brand.

We live in a time where the all problems can be solved with a click. But what if you need more? Many mothers have experienced the stress of not finding the right product to suit their needs. This is why we are here. HealthyMama was engineered to assist mothers with the most specific necessities, developing products that work! Americord is also the only cord blood bank to provide both types of umbilical cord stem cells banking for baby, and placental banking for Mom. And if know moms-to-be like we think we do, safety is also definitely a concern. How do you choose the right product among thousands? With Healthy mama brand and Americord, you’re choosing safe, all natural products and a trusted leader in cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta tissue banking. We know what you need and “we got you Mama!”

HealthyMama was engineered to assist mothers with the most specific necessities, developing products that work!

Cyber Monday Sale

To make this year’s Cord Blood Awareness Month even more special, Americord is offering a $400 discount off all one-time payment orders. Use code: CBAM400 during checkout! Healthy mama brand is also offering 20% off all products. Use code hm2 online at This July, let’s work together to raise awareness for cord blood and cord tissue banking. Don’t cut the cord, bank it.

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