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Who is a Cord Blood Ambassador and what do they do?

Cord Blood Ambassadors are individuals participating in Americord’s National Cord Blood Awareness Month campaign called #BankOnBaby. Ambassadors will  share via their social media platform(s) Americord content surrounding cord blood and cord blood banking to help raise awareness. The content will be in the form of pictures, videos, blog posts, and articles. The content will be available on Americord’s Twitter page, Facebook page, and Instagram page for sharing. 

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When is National Cord Blood Awareness Month? 

Beginning July 1, 2017 the first day of National Cord Blood Awareness month and the #BankOnBaby campaign,  Ambassadors will share cord blood related content until July 31, 2017.

Why is it important?

The idea is to spread knowledge about cord blood banking and create awareness around the benefits surround it.

According to a study in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine by Perlow ET Al, ⅓ of expectant parents are unaware of the option to preserve cord blood and of those who are aware 74% of them describe themselves as minimally informed.

Americord hopes to lower that percentage by promoting cord blood education.

For more information on cord blood.

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What is the contest and how do I enter the contest?

The #BankOnBaby campaign’s goal is to spread awareness about cord blood and cord blood banking, to reward the public for helping us educate different communities, the campaign will have a contest component. The contest will consist of which individuals can share the most Americord or their affiliated partner content on their social media account with the hashtag #BankOnBaby. Participants can enter the contest by sharing content posted by Americord or cord blood content of an Americord partner (What To Expect, Baby Proofed Parents, Let Mommy Sleep, The Baby Chick, The Ashmore's Blog,  Bundoo, and Glow) posted with the hashtag #BankOnBaby. Participants will receive 10 points for every Americord or affiliate partner share of content with #BankOnBaby. In addition, Americord will be hosting 4 quizzes throughout the month to help participants receive more points.

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What is the grand prize? 

At the end of National Cord Blood Awareness Month, the two participants with the most points will win a $500 Amazon Gift Card provided by Americord.

To Enter #BankOnBaby Campaign Contest:

Become a Cord Blood Ambassador by sharing content (anything on the Americord blog, Twitter page, Instagram page, or Facebook page that is about cord blood banking or surrounding products/services) created by Americord or their partners, with the #BankOnBaby.

The campaign and contest will begin on July 1st 12:00AM. Individuals are allowed to become ambassadors at any time of the month of July but, we encourage you start early!

Continue to share content for the entire month of July with the #BankOnBaby on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and rack up points to add to your overall monthly score.

The Point System:

  • 10 points for each content shared on social platform(s)
  • 20 points for each activity released by Americord, each activity will have its own set of rules to be released at a later date  
  • 50 points for signing up for a referral link and sharing it on their social media platforms
  • *Cord Blood Ambassadors can sign up here and receive a referral link. They can then refer expectant families to Americod by having them sign up to receive more information at their link.  For every referred expectant family that stores umbilical cord blood, cord tissue, and/or placental tissue with Americord Registry, the referrer will receive an $100.00 Amazon Gift Card.*   

Who wins? The two participants with the highest overall scores on July 31st at 11:59PM will each win a $500 Amazon Gift Card provided by Americord. Five first-place runner ups will be rewarded an $100 Amazon Gift Card provided by Americord. And five second-place runner ups will be awarded a $50 Amazon Gift Card. 

 Official Contest Rules

Official Activities Rules

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