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Americord and Healthy Mama brands team up to promote cord blood education for cord blood awareness month.

Cord Blood Awareness Month: Americord & Healthy Mama

You can’t wait for that day to arrive…. Oh, were you talking about the due date? We’ve been waiting all year for Cord Blood Awareness Month!

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Two happy children because the new Americord online cord blood banking system makes enrolling very easy.

Americord Revolutionizes Online Cord Blood Banking

Americord Registry, a private cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta tissue banking company, announced today the launch of their new, innovative cord blood banking e-commerce website.

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Only 1/3 of expectant parents have adequate cord blood knowledge.

What's Your Cord Blood Banking Knowledge? | Americord

Many expectant parents do not have appropriate cord blood knowledge. This means they are unaware of their option to bank cord blood and may not know all the ways cord blood can protect their family.

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A photo of a baby sleeping to bring recognition to cord blood awareness month.

July is National Cord Blood Awareness Month | Americord

The month of July is National Cord Blood Awareness Month, and we are doing our part by continuing to raise awareness of affordable cord blood banking options. See our recent press release online here for more on our activity in the cord blood community.

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Become a Cord Blood Ambassador, Raise Awareness | Americord

Who is a Cord Blood Ambassador and what do they do? Cord Blood Ambassadors are individuals participating in Americord’s National Cord Blood Awareness Month campaign called #BankOnBaby.

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Popcorn buckets used as a metaphor to Americord getting more stem cells than their competitors.

​Americord Yields 60% More CD34+ Stem Cells

Americord's Cord Blood 2.0 technology gives parents the chance to yield a higher cord blood volume and more stem cells. Learn more about Cord Blood 2.0.

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A baby holding an AIDS ribbon to signify how cord blood could be a potential treatment option.

Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplant Could Cure HIV And AIDS

Cord blood stem cells have a potential to cure AIDS and HIV. Learn more about stem cell transplants and how they can be used to cure AIDS.

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A photo of money and a stethoscope to symbolize how many cord blood banks provide physicians with kickbacks for product recommendations

No Cord Blood Physician Kickbacks - No Problem

Private cord blood banks like Viacord & CBR provide physician kickbacks for product recommendations. Americord does not. Discover Americord's unparalleled service and standards.

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A baby on his tippy toes as a sign of growth as a metaphor for the growth in the private blood bank industry.

Autologous Immune Enhancement Therapy & Stem Cell Transplant

With a dramatic rise in autologous transplants, more expectant families are saving cord blood stem cells. Discover how blood banking could benefit your family.

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A gavel to symbolize the federal and state government supporting cord blood banking.

Federal and State Governments Lend Support to Cord Blood Banking | Americord

As the cord blood banking industry continues to grow, the federal and state governments have created laws to increase funding and public awareness. Learn more.

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