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Americord and Healthy Mama brands team up to promote cord blood education for cord blood awareness month.

Cord Blood Awareness Month: Americord & Healthy Mama

You can’t wait for that day to arrive…. Oh, were you talking about the due date? We’ve been waiting all year for Cord Blood Awareness Month!

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Two happy children because the new Americord online cord blood banking system makes enrolling very easy.

Americord Revolutionizes Online Cord Blood Banking

Americord Registry, a private cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta tissue banking company, announced today the launch of their new, innovative cord blood banking e-commerce website.

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A photo of colors blending together to symbolize how millennial parents are raising children.

How Millennial Parents Are Changing the World of Parenting

Their parents may criticize them as a generation of tech-crazed and somewhat spoiled children, but the truth is that millennials encompass the largest and most diverse demographic who are now not only dominating the workforce, but also becoming parents themselves.

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Only 1/3 of expectant parents have adequate cord blood knowledge.

What's Your Cord Blood Banking Knowledge? | Americord

Many expectant parents do not have appropriate cord blood knowledge. This means they are unaware of their option to bank cord blood and may not know all the ways cord blood can protect their family.

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A photo of a cartoon that says winner to symbolize the winner of the Americord cord blood awareness campaign, #Bankonbaby.

The winner of #Bankonbaby has been announced

Meet Laura Adams, the winner of #Bankonbaby, our National Cord Blood Awareness campaign. Laura has been a dedicated Cord Blood Ambassador since the beginning of July. She shared facts about cord blood on all her social media accounts. The prize for all her hard work, a $500 Amazon gift card.

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A photo of a baby sleeping to bring recognition to cord blood awareness month.

July is National Cord Blood Awareness Month | Americord

The month of July is National Cord Blood Awareness Month, and we are doing our part by continuing to raise awareness of affordable cord blood banking options. See our recent press release online here for more on our activity in the cord blood community.

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Two girls drawing a picture to symbolize Americord's great quality guarentee.

Highest Cord Blood Banking Quality Guarantee

Americord has the highest Quality Guarantee out of all the private cord blood banks in the United States. What is a Quality Guarantee?

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A pink and white donut that is shaped as a circle to symbolize Americord's cancellation policy.

Cord Blood Banking No-Fee Cancellation Policy | Americord

Cord blood banking is a significant investment, so many people do a fair amount of research online and may also ask for advice from doctors or friends before they decide whether or not to bank their baby’s cord blood and which cord blood bank to use.

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A photo of blood droplets on a sheet to symbolize the Harvard Researchers study on Cord Blood Stem Cell expansion.

Harvard Researchers Expand Cord Blood Stem Cells | Americord

In phase 1 of a clinical trial at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI), Harvard researchers attempted to expand the stem cells in umbilical cord blood to improve transplant success.

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Whitney Port Pregnancy

Whitney Port: Pregnancy & Cord Blood Banking | Americord

Whitney Port shares the reasons why she decided to do umbilical cord blood banking. Read her thoughts and learn why it was an essential in her birth plan.

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Opinion on Cord Blood Banking

My Cord Blood Banking Journey | Americord

Ever wonder how customers feel after banking cord blood with Americord? We interviewed a remarkable mother and asked about her experience. Read more here.

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A young boy playing with a labatory set trying to find medical breakthroughs.

Top 3 medical breakthroughs of 2010s: Womb Implant, Cancer Spit Test & Mississippi Baby

From a womb transplant to a cancer spit test, these are Amerciord's top three medical breakthroughs in the past three years.

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A photo of a stamp with stars on it to symbolize that these facts about Americord are what helps them have 5 star reviews.

Facts About Americord, Our Stem Cell Banking Services & Standards

Want to know more about us? Here are some facts about Americord to help you decide why we are the best private cord blood bank for your family's needs.

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A photo of a young girl who is doing scientific research to symbolize a new study about cord tissue cryopreservation.

Latest Research in MSCs Shows Possibility of Treating Heart Disease, Lung Cancer & More

Mesenchymal Cells Research is gaining momentum in the world of stem cells. See how MSCs are the future of regenerative medicine with over 50 clinical trials.

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A black and white photo of a baby and mother to show how the AAP released new guidelines on how to protect baby from SIDS.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS): Causes, Early Signs & Prevention

SIDS is the leading cause of death in children less than a year old. Here are the new AAP guidelines to help protect newborns.

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A photo of a mosquito in a red circle to symbolize the serious threat of the zika virus on expecting mothers and their babies.

Zika Virus: Symptoms, Birth Defects & Ways to Prevention It

What is the Zika virus and how can you help prevent it to keep mom and baby safe? We have all the tips to give you a peace of mind and make baby's future bright.

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Become a Cord Blood Ambassador, Raise Awareness | Americord

Who is a Cord Blood Ambassador and what do they do? Cord Blood Ambassadors are individuals participating in Americord’s National Cord Blood Awareness Month campaign called #BankOnBaby.

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Interview with Americord CEO about Cord Blood Banking

All About Cord Blood Banking: Wednesday Wisdom | Americord

A Baby Proofed Parents' article -meet Americord's CEO and learn the in's and out's of cord blood banking.

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Popcorn buckets used as a metaphor to Americord getting more stem cells than their competitors.

​Americord Yields 60% More CD34+ Stem Cells

Americord's Cord Blood 2.0 technology gives parents the chance to yield a higher cord blood volume and more stem cells. Learn more about Cord Blood 2.0.

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A baby holding an AIDS ribbon to signify how cord blood could be a potential treatment option.

Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplant Could Cure HIV And AIDS

Cord blood stem cells have a potential to cure AIDS and HIV. Learn more about stem cell transplants and how they can be used to cure AIDS.

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