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A photo os a young boy flying a plan to symbolize the best practices for shipping cord blood.

Shipping cord blood, is all about speed. Cord blood needs to be in the laboratory within 48 hours or else there is a chance that the quality of the collection can be jeopardized.

Who is Shipping Cord Blood?

NGL is a company notorious for its reliability and its speed with deliveries. With FedEx now behind the NGL team, not only do we have a much larger support network providing customer service for our individual products but we access a much larger courier and fulfillment network. FedEx SameDay shipments provide a secure chain of custody with, the entire FedEx network, which greatly improves the opportunity for successful delivery of cord blood. No other company can offer you this.

FedEx partnered with NGL and it calls this newly formed company “FedEx SameDay”. FedEx SameDay is a suite of FedEx Express products designed to transport time-critical shipments in the most expeditious and reliable manner possible. FedEx considers all SameDay shipments as “mission critical” shipments; meaning they work to actually beat customer expectations with each shipment. FedEx SameDay uses qualified drivers and couriers; who are fully vetted and certified by the Department of Homeland Security and are fully trained in the handling of specialized, medical shipments; such as cord blood.

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What if There Are Issues With Shipping Cord Blood?

You can contact FedEx same day customer service at 800.399.5999 or visit for more information about their services.