Cord Blood Banking Checklist: 7 Things To Remember

A drawing of a checklist to symbolize a cord blood checklist for the 7 things to remeber about cord blood banking.

So once you’ve ordered your cord blood collection kit  and it has arrived, what is next? Here is a short cord blood checklist for you to review before and after heading to the hospital.  

Before you even get to the hospital, make sure you cord blood collection kit is securely in your hospital bag. In fact, you will want to pack your hospital bag a month or so before baby is due. Remember, babies always arrive unexpectedly.

If you are running to the hospital and need a cord blood kit, just call 866-503-6005. At this number you can speak with a Cord Blood Specialist about Americord rush. Americord Rush provides you with the chance to get a kit ‘rushed’ to your hospital before baby is born.

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Your cord blood checklist for when you arrive at the hospital:

  1. Bring the cord blood stem cell collection kit with you to the hospital. If you still need one order one here.
  2. While at the hospital, keep the cord blood stem cell collection kit with you.
  3. Remind the nursing staff and your doctor that you are storing your baby’s stem cells.
  4. Take maternal blood draw.
  5. Have doctor do all collections.
  6. After collection, call 866-503-6005 x3 to arrange for pickup.
  7. Confirm kit contents before shipping:
  • Labeled blood tubes
  • Labeled cord blood bag
  • Completed Data Collection Sheet
  • Maternal blood draw
  • Keep the collection kit at room temperature until pickup. Do not refrigerate.
Americord Rush provides you with the chance to get a kit ‘rushed’ to your hospital before baby is born.

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What happens next?

You cord blood collection kit will then be flown to our secure laboratory facility and processed. This happens within a 48 hours time period. Upon arrival and successful processing, you will be notified and sent a certificate of storage. And of course, the last step is you sit back and know your stem cells are safely stored for 20 years.

If you have any questions regarding the cord blood banking collection process, please visit our website at

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