Viacord vs. Americord: Costs & Service Comparison

The company logos for Viacord and Americord to compare the different cord blood banking practices.

ViaCord Vs Americord, which is the better private cord blood bank for your family? ViaCord is one of the biggest cord blood banking companies doing business today. ViaCord is owned by a global healthcare conglomerate, PerkinElmer, Inc. Like CBR, Viacord has a large sales force that solicits doctors directly, ultimately costing you, the consumer, more money.

Ask the Consumer

But ViaCord’s reputation with their clients isn’t great. Numerous complaints have been filed with the Better Business Bureau against ViaCord, including misrepresentation of prices, problems with products and services, and billing and collection issues. ViaCord also had a lawsuit filed against them for making false and misleading claims on their website, which they were forced to chang.

We believe that quality and innovation come before salesmanship.

Quality, Not Salesmanship

At Americord, we believe that quality and innovation come before salesmanship. All our claims, on our website and elsewhere, are accurate and verifiable. And we don’t spend a lot of money on maintaining a large sales force. All the money that ViaCord expends on sales and marketing comes at a cost to you, the consumer, in the form of higher prices and hidden fees.

At Americord, we invest in high-quality products and innovation, not advertising and marketing. We hold to the highest standards and are FDA Registered and AABB-Accredited. Our experienced team is headed by Dr. Robert Dracker, one of the foremost experts in the world of stem cell banking and an architect of the New York State Cord Blood Stem Cell Guidelines.

By partnering with leading institutions and research scientists, we continually develop groundbreaking cord blood banking technologies. Our latest innovation is the revolutionary Cord Blood 2.0, which enables parents to store up to twice the number of stem cells as traditional cord blood banking.

And because we don’t put large sums of money into advertising and maintaining a sales force, we can offer you the lowest price for the best products and service on the market. Americord is the only top cord blood bank that charges no annual fee for storage, whether for cord blood, cord tissue, or placenta tissue.

We believe that quality and innovation come before salesmanship.

Cyber Monday Sale

ViaCord VS Americord- Pricing

  ViaCord “Essential” Americord
Cord Blood Banking
Initial Fee $1,200 $3,499
Annual Storage Fee $175 $0
Shipping Fee $0 $0
Pre-Pay Storage $2765 $0
Total cost (20 years) $4,700 $3,499

Americord’s price is $1,201 lower than ViaCord’s

With Americord, you pay 25% less!


ViaCord may seem to have a lower price than Americord at first glance, when you consider only the initial fee. But ViaCord’s prices include whopping pre-pay storage fees of $2,765 and $2,375 (for ViaCord’s “Essential” and “Enhanced” packages, respectively). ViaCord charges annual storage fees of $175 (Essential package) and $150 (Enhanced package). Those annual fees add up a lot over time. In fact, the ViaCord customer will pay from $3,000 to $3,500 in storage fees over 20 years!

Americord doesn’t charge you a pre-pay fee for storage, and we charge no annual fee for any type of storage—cord blood, cord tissue, or placenta tissue. The highest quality at the lowest prices—that’s the Americord difference.

You can check out how Americord’s prices compare to other private cord blood banks on our Pricing Calculator.

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