Cord Blood Banking

Learn how umbilical cord blood banking works - from the collection kit to processing and storing baby's stem cells for the future. Compare banks to find out which is right for your family.

Interested in Viacord and Cord Blood Registry well here are some cord blood banking facts they won't tell you.

3 Facts About Cord Blood Stem Cells That ViaCord & CBR Won't Tell You

There's a lot of information about cord blood banking that some cord blood banks won't tell you. Here are 3 facts about cord blood that you need to know.

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In a cord blood comparison Americord gets 5 stars in comparison to their competitors.

Cord Blood Banking Cost Comparison: CBR, Viacord and Americord

Americord is a quality service cord blood bank. We are competitively priced towards our major competitors Cord Blood Registry and Viacord. A huge influx of referrals from our existing clients have in turn made us one of the fastest growing companies in the country.

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A baby who is learning about the Americord storage plan by reading a book.

Can I add more than 20 years to my storage plan?

Many private cord blood banks let clients pay for storage upfront, either for a set number of years. These year increments can be 10, 15, or even 25 years.

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A photo of a woman who is putting her credit card into the computer so she can enroll in the Americord Payment Plan.

How Does an Americord Cord Blood Banking Payment Plan Work?

We know that cord blood banking can be expensive. Americord offers payment plans to help alleviate some of that financial pressure and spread out the cost.

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A dollar folded into a piggy bank to symbolize the cost of cord blood banking.

Save on Cord Blood Banking Cost at Americord

Cord blood banking costs don't have to be out of your budget. See how Americord provides a high-quality lab at an affordable price.

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A photo of change to symbolze how much it would cost for umbilical cord blood banking.

Americord Offers a High Quality Cord Blood Banking Services at Affordable Prices

Learn how we at Americord keep our cord blood and tissue banking cost low and affordable by providing high-quality stem cell banking services.

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A photo of a young girl eating two forms of ice cream as a symbol of getting twice as many cord blood stem cells with Americord.

You Can Get More Cord Blood Stem Cells With Americord

At Americord one of the ways we measure how well we are doing for our clients is by measuring how many cord blood stem cells we collect and preserve.

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A photo of two boys who are driving cars symbolizing a cord blood banking comparion between Americord and Cryocell.

Cryo-Cell vs. Americord: Costs & Service Comparison

Side by side, most cord blood banks may seem similar. But this cord blood banking comparison between Cryocell and Americord will open your eyes to the differences in quality, innovation, and value.

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A graphic of a verus sign to signify the reasons you should compare cord blood banks.

3 Reasons Why You Should Compare Cord Blood Banks Before Making a Decision

Looking into cord blood banking? Most parents compare cord blood banks at some point during their research. You’re not alone.

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A photo of a calculator and document to symbolize information that will help with the Cord Blood Banking cost.

Information to Help You with Cord Blood Banking Cost | Americord

Many parents would like to save their baby’s cord blood, but they are concerned about the cost. At Americord, we keep prices affordable while providing reliable, professional storage for you.

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The company logos for Viacord and Americord to compare the different cord blood banking practices.

Viacord vs. Americord: Costs & Service Comparison

Don't know which cord blood bank to choose? Find out how Viacord and Americord differ in terms of costs, hidden fees, storage plans, and quality of service.

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Affordable Cord Blood Banking With Americord: Store Cord Blood For $3,499 With No Hidden Fees

Unlike competitors, Americord has no hidden fees to store your baby's cord blood. Learn all about our pricing and what services we can provide your family.

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A child deciding betwee a chocolate cake and an apple to symbolize why you should choose Americord for cord blood banking.

Choosing a Cord Blood Bank: Why Americord Is The Best Option

Americord puts quality first and at an affordable price. See why else Americord is a great choice for your family's cord blood banking needs.

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A woman holding the world, symbolizing how the world can be changed by her cord blood banking review.

Cord Blood Banking Review By a Registered Nurse

An in-depth umbilical cord blood banking review on Americord by a Registered Nurse. Find out why she felt drawn to Americord, our products, and services.

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A young child with a calculator trying to figire out cord blood banking pricing.

4 Ways to Make Cord Blood Banking More Affordable

Cord blood banking is expensive, so how can you afford it? Learn these tricks to making cord blood banking pricing work with your family's expenses.

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A poto of two gears with the words quality and price on it, showing how price for cord blood banking and quality go hand in hand.

Cord Blood Banking: Cost Breakdown & Bank Comparison

Cord blood banking costs can add up, especially with yearly storage fees. Find out how different banks differ in terms of costs, hidden fees & storage plans.

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A really long line to symbolize that even though Cord Blood Registry is a very large private cord blood bank they are not the best option.

Cord Blood Registry: Cost & Service Comparison

More and more parents are storing their babies’ cord blood and tissues, and multitudes of cord blood banks have sprung up to compete for their business. The biggest is Cord Blood Registry (CBR).

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Bone Marrow vs. Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplant | Americord

Cord blood vs. bone marrow transplants. Why is cord blood better than bone marrow? Since 1998, advances in cord blood technology have made cord blood transplants a viable alternative to traditional bone marrow transplants in patients requiring a stem cell transplant. While bone marrow transplants continue be a more common procedure, evidence suggests this trend may be changing. But is a cord blood transplant really a more effective procedure? The truth is, it depends on the circumstance.

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