Once Upon A Farm: Cold Pressed Baby Food

Cold Pressed Baby Food

Once upon a time baby food was made fresh. Today it still is.

Once Upon a Farm was the first Cold-Pressed baby food to market. We use High Pressure Pascalization (HPP) to keep our food as close to the farm as it gets. HPP is a revolutionary technology in food, the kind that those unrefrigerated brands don’t use. It allows us to keep the flavors, aromas, colors, textures and nutrients of the food intact, leading to optimal taste and palate development in infants. These matter because the food babies eat now is the food they will prefer when they are older and at Once Upon a Farm, we know that a lifetime of healthy eating starts with the very first bite.

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Speaking of those unrefrigerated brands… just because baby food says “organic” or “Non-GMO” doesn’t mean it’s necessarily fresh and nutrition optimized. Shelf stable baby food can sit on the shelf for over 2 years, which can be older than the baby eating it. It’s what’s inside that matters and that is why you will only find the freshest, and most nutrient-dense food inside our pouches. You won’t ever find any preservatives, concentrates or processed purees. Just fresh, whole ingredients picked in season from our partner farms, Cold Pressure Protected, refrigerated and delivered fresh from farm to highchair. Learn more about the difference between cold-pressed baby food and shelf-stable baby food at on Once Upon A Farm's blog. 

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As for the delicious flavors we mentioned, we offer unique and well-rounded recipes that cannot be found anywhere else such as our Wild Rumpus Avocado, that includes only organic pineapple, organic avocado, organic banana, and organic mint. We synergistically combine ingredients to create optimal absorption and bioavailability of nutrients. Most baby foods are devoid of fats, especially high-quality ones. At Once Upon a Farm, each recipe contains a healthy fat for stable energy levels, nutrient absorption and optimal brain development. Each recipe has also been formulated, tested, and approved by moms (including Founder and mom of two (with one on the way), Cassandra Curtis), expert infant nutritionist Jill Castle and board-certified pediatrician, Dr. Laura Jana (author of Food Fights) as well as countless little ones!

At Once Upon a Farm, we know that a lifetime of healthy eating starts with the very first bite. 

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With so little time and so much to do, we do all the homemade work for you so can enjoy fresh food and also have more time to spend with your little ones. Our food comes in a convenient pouch for ease of feeding and on-the-go travel. It allows you to spend precious time with your little one and spoon feed in the earlier years without double dipping and contaminating with potential bacteria. It also allows older kiddos or adults to drink it like a smoothie! Unlike all pouched baby foods on the market, we have a clear window so you can see and feel good about what’s inside and we are proudly the first baby food to offer this!

With fresh, organic ingredients (sourced mostly from local farms in the US), unique recipes with healthy fats and High Pressure Pascalization for optimal taste and nutrition, we make homemade so you don’t have to! Find Once Upon a Farm near you or sign up for a subscription and have cold-pressed convenience delivered directly to your doorstep as often as you’d like!

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Once Upon a Farm is a family of organic, cold-pressed baby food blends made with fresh whole fruits, veggies, superfoods, and healthy fats. Each recipe is intentionally created for maximum nutrient absorption and healthy physical, mental, and emotional development for the most important nutritional stages of an infant’s life, including: 5+ months, 7+ months, 9+ months, 18+ months and older. Once Upon a Farm delivers unparalleled nourishment by focusing on whole, fresh ingredients in their natural state, and healthy fats to aid in nutrient absorption and support stable energy levels and optimal brain development.