How to Make Your Baby’s First Christmas Memorable

A photo of a young baby's first christmas, wearing a santa hat and diaper.

Baby’s First Christmas is a day that you will remember for the rest of your life, even if your little one doesn’t. Follow our tips to make the most of this special and exciting time!

  1. Start A Tradition

Or, carry on your favorite traditions from your childhood. Whether you bake cookies together and leave them on a plate for Santa or read a Christmas story by the fire place in matching pajamas, these special moments will become the foundation of your family’s Christmas season, even if your baby is too little to understand them now.

  1. Dress Your Baby Up In Adorable Outfits

There’s nothing cuter than a baby in a Santa hat! Dress your baby up in festive outfits for every excursion, and make sure you bring your camera with you wherever you go! These pictures and videos will be fun to look back on when your baby is all grown up. Check out our favorite holiday baby outfits here, here, and here.

  1. Take Your Baby To Visit Santa

This visit could go one of two ways: either extremely smooth or hysterically bad. Regardless, it is still worth the trip! Whether you end up with a happy smiling baby photo, or a screaming red-faced terror-stricken baby photo, both versions will be memorable. This photo shoot is definitely one for the baby books!

The holiday season can be crazy, so be sure to take time to slow down and snuggle with your baby.

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  1. Make A Christmas Ornament

Baby’s first Christmas is a big deal, so make sure you document it in a fun way! Try creating an ornament with your baby’s handprint on it and the year written underneath. Or, customize an ornament online with the cutest photo of the season. Year after year, this ornament will be your baby’s favorite thing to hang on the tree.

  1. Have A Christmas Movie Marathon

This is not only fun for your baby, but fun for you and your hubby, too! Relive your childhood by showing your little one all of the classics, like Rudolph, Charlie Brown, and the Grinch. Make some hot coco and nibble on homemade cookies while you get in the holiday spirit!

  1. Take Time To Relax

The holiday season can be crazy, so be sure to take time to slow down and snuggle with your baby. On Christmas morning, don’t rush into the day – instead, cuddle up on the couch with a Christmas book or stay in bed a little longer with a Christmas classic on TV. A more relaxed mommy makes for a better day for everyone!

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