Tissue Banking

Learn about the hidden potential of mesenchymal stem cells for the entire family and how to save them for when the hope of regenerative medicine becomes a reality.

A photo of a baby and her father as a symbol for the stem cells that are avaliable in the mother's placenta tissue.

Why Saving Your Placenta Tissue After Birth Is a Good Idea

Unlike cord blood stem cells, placental stem cells are a 100% genetic match to mom. Learn why banking placenta tissue is a great protection plan for mothers.

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A cartoon graphic of the placenta to symbolize placental stem cells that can potentially be used to treat many dseases.

Regenerative Medicine & Placenta Tissue Stem Cells

Placental stem cells have more benefits than you thought. Discover the role of MSCs in regenerative therapy, such as repair, renewal of diseased cells and more.

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Watercolor flowers to symbolize how you can eat, bank, or bury the placenta

Your Placenta, Eat It, Bury It, Bank It

The placenta has been getting a lot of buzz lately. Many expectant families have discovered the power of the placenta, the question is now, should you eat it, bury it, or bank it? Find out more!

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Placenta Tissue Stem Cells To Treat Mothers

Unlike cord blood, placental tissue stem cells can be used to treat a variety of diseases in mothers due to a perfect genetical match. Learn more on Americord.

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