Placenta Tissue Banking: New Way to Harvest Stem Cells

An image of a cartoon astronuaunt to symbolize that there is a lot of unknown in cord blood banking.

At Americord, researching and developing new and better ways to serve the families who use our cord blood bank is a high priority. We have devolved a way to harvest stem cells from the placenta, in addition to the umbilical cord blood. Americord is the only cord blood bank to offer this service.

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Some facts about placenta tissue banking are these:

  • Getting cord blood from the placenta is important because there are not always enough stem cells available from umbilical cord blood alone to treat an adult patient.
  • Children who weigh more than 65 pounds also need more stem cells than are found in umbilical cord blood alone.
  • With more stem cells taken from the cord blood in the placenta, doctors have more options. They can provide more than one treatment, treat more than one patient, or treat a relapse in a single patient.
  • Having more stem cells is directly related to increased survival for transplant patients.
Research has shown that placenta cord blood has more stem cells than the umbilical cord blood.

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Our Cord Blood Bank Will Help Many Families Have Greater Numbers of Stem Cells Available

Our placenta tissue banking service is a new technique that we have developed. The placenta, which nourishes your baby all through your pregnancy, can also be incredibly valuable immediately after your baby is born since it contains vast quantities of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Placenta tissue banking, like cord tissue banking, enables you to preserve MSCs for future medical use.

Research has shown that placenta cord blood has more stem cells than the umbilical cord blood. When you choose Placenta Tissue banking as an addition to preserving baby cord blood, you are selecting the method that saves the most stem cells possible, ensuring that they are there if your child or family member ever needs them. We are continually innovating cord blood banking to help improve the lives of you and your family!

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