Cord Blood Banking

Learn how umbilical cord blood banking works - from the collection kit to processing and storing baby's stem cells for the future. Compare banks to find out which is right for your family.

A baby sleeping under the Americord 3-in-1 collection kit used for umbilical cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta tissue banking.

Americord Cord Blood Collection Kit: Why Is It Better

Collection kits tend to differ from one cord blood bank to another. Learn how Americord collection kit and equipment stands out among competitors.

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A drawing of a checklist to symbolize a cord blood checklist for the 7 things to remeber about cord blood banking.

Cord Blood Banking Checklist: 7 Things To Remember

Things can get hectic during delivery. Follow our cord blood checklist to ensure collection runs smoothly during your baby's arrival into the world.

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A photo of major momuments in countries around the world to symbolze that Americor is the best option for cord blood storage is you are a US citizen that lives abroad.

Cord Blood Banking & Living Abroad: Why Americord Is The Best Choice

Do you travel frequently or plan to live abroad? See why Americord is your best choice with our all-inclusive pricing structure for cord blood storage.

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Affordable Cord Blood Banking With Americord: Store Cord Blood For $2999 With No Hidden Fees

Unlike competitors, Americord has no hidden fees to store your baby's cord blood. Learn all about our pricing and what services we can provide your family.

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A child deciding betwee a chocolate cake and an apple to symbolize why you should choose Americord for cord blood banking.

Choosing a Cord Blood Bank: Why Americord Is The Best Option

Americord puts quality first and at an affordable price. See why else Americord is a great choice for your family's cord blood banking needs.

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A woman thinking about doing cord blood banking to protect her baby from future illnesses.

Factors To Consider Cord Blood Stem Cell Banking For Your Baby

As an expectant parent, you've probably heard some information about cord blood banking. Consider this before making a final decision.

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A photo of the versus sign with opposing sides to symbolze the questions to ask to choose the best cord blood bank for your family.

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Cord Blood Bank For Your Family

Considering banking your baby's cord blood stem cells? Make sure you choose the best cord blood bank for your family that has these advantages.

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An image of a cartoon astronuaunt to symbolize that there is a lot of unknown in cord blood banking.

Placenta Tissue Banking: New Way to Harvest Stem Cells

Americord is dedicated to making cord blood banking the best it can be. We strive to better the art of stem cell banking for you and your family.

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A doctor drawing blood as a symbol for the founding fathers of cord blood banking.

The Founding Fathers of Cord Blood Banking: Dr. Hal Broxmeyer, Dr. Robert A. Dracker and Martin Smithmyer

Cord blood banking has had a long and groundbreaking journey, and it would not be where is is today without the help of these fathers of cord blood banking.

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A photo of a stethoscope as a symbol for doctor's cord blood collection fees.

Does My Doctor Charge Cord Blood Collection Fees?

Doctors sometimes charge for a cord blood collection fee, if that happens Americord will reimburse you. Find out more about our reimbursement policy.

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A photo of a question mark filled with the 5 Ws to symbolize the top questions to ask your cord blood bank.

Top Questions to Ask Your Cord Blood Bank Before Making a Decision

Are you asking the right questions when selecting your cord blood bank? Make sure you know these key questions to ask before making your decision.

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A woman holding the world, symbolizing how the world can be changed by her cord blood banking review.

Americord Registry Review By a Registered Nurse

An in-depth umbilical cord blood banking review on Americord by a Registered Nurse. Find out why she felt drawn to Americord, our products, and services.

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A young child with a calculator trying to figire out cord blood banking pricing.

4 Ways to Make Cord Blood Banking More Affordable

When deciding on whether or not to bank your baby’s cord blood, you must always consider the cost. Most expectant parents are interested in cord blood banking. However, not all expectant parents can afford it. Let’s face it, it is expensive and cord blood banking pricing is confusing.

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A poto of two gears with the words quality and price on it, showing how price for cord blood banking and quality go hand in hand.

Cord Blood Banking: Cost Breakdown & Bank Comparison

Cord blood banking costs can add up, especially with yearly storage fees. Find out how Americord keeps quality by not breaking your bank.

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Baby holding a stethoscope to symbolize if insurance covers cord blood banking.

Does Insurance Cover Cord Blood Banking?

Will health insurance cover cord blood banking? In most cases no, but if you have a medical need some insurance providers will. Learn more here.

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A really long line to symbolize that even though Cord Blood Registry is a very large private cord blood bank they are not the best option.

Cord Blood Registry and Americord: Cost & Service Comparison

More and more parents are storing their babies’ cord blood and tissues, and multitudes of cord blood banks have sprung up to compete for their business. The biggest is Cord Blood Registry (CBR).

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An orange vile that is almost full to symbolize the average stem cell count that cord blood banks collect.

Average Stem Cell Count For Cord Blood

What is an average umbilical cord blood collection? The average stem cell count for a cord blood collection is roughly 470 million TNC stem cells.

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Cord blood banking is simple and beneficial to every family.

Cord Blood Banking: A Guide to the Basics and Benefits

Cord blood banking is an essential part of every birth plan. A breakdown of the benefits and basics to get you started.

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Interested in Viacord and Cord Blood Registry well here are some cord blood banking facts they won't tell you.

3 Facts About Cord Blood Stem Cells That ViaCord & CBR Won't Tell You

Cord Blood banking is a confusing topic. Many parents get bombarded with information when searching to see if cord blood banking is right for them.

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A young child thinking about the future activities he will be doing to symbolize how long you can store cord blood for.

What Happens To Cord Blood Stem Cells After 20 Years of Storage

Companies have only started to store cord blood for the last 20 to 25 years or so, and for cord tissue a bit less than this. Given this limited time frame of those working in the field, there is no data on how well blood or tissue stores beyond 20 years.

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