10 Things To Pack In Your Hospital Bag For Baby Delivery

A dog holding a to-go bag to symbolize the hospital bag that expecting parents must get together before labor.

Is your Hospital Bag Ready for Baby’s Arrival?

Its 2:56am and baby is on the way! You quickly grab your bag, hop in the car and are on your way. As you rush to the hospital, the last thing on your mind is the contents of your hospital bag. Though it might sound crazy, packing your bag at least a month in advance is a great way to make sure you have everything you need for the big day.

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When Should You Pack Your Hospital Bag? 

You should have your hospital bag ready to go between the 32 and 35 weeks of pregnancy.  You may start packing it at any time in your pregnancy, but it is important to have everything packed by your 35th week in case baby comes early. 

A good time to start preparing your hospital bag is around the 28th week mark or at the start of your 3rd trimester. You can prep your hospital bag by creating a checklist of what you will need for baby's arrival! 

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What Should You Pack In Your Hospital Bag? 

Here are some essential items to pack in your hospital bag so it is ready to go well before baby’s arrival.

  • Clothes to wear after giving birth

Comfy pj’s, a cozy robe, and fuzzy slippers are a must. You’re not going to want to wear that stiff hospital gown the whole time, so make sure you have some comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty and possibly throwing away after your stay at the hospital.  Having cozy items like a robe and socks will make the cold, hospital environment seem a little more comfortable. Plus, an open-front robe will make breast feeding more convenient.

  • Camera, Phone & Chargers

This is an extremely special moment that your are definitely going to want to document. Be sure to have a camera packed in your bag, along with the necessary chargers, batteries, memory cards, etc. Also, make sure you have your phone and charger packed so you can send your family updates as you welcome your baby into the world!

  • Toiletries

After all that time in labor, you’re going to want to freshen up a bit before the visitors start rolling in and the camera comes out. Pack some face wipes, a toothbrush, hair brush, and make up for the after birth photos. Your future self will thank you.

  • A Nursing Bra

A nursing bra or, a bra one size up from your pregnancy size for moms who plan on bottle feeding. You are going to be nursing right away, so make sure you are prepared with the correct under garments!

  • Games!

Baby may take its time coming into the world, so make sure you have some things to distract you while you wait. Whether it be your favorite magazine, a deck of cards, or your favorite series on Netflix, make sure you have something fun to pass the time.

  • Snacks & Treats

You probably won’t be able to eat before or during labor. However, the last thing you want after giving birth is to dine on hospital food. Pack some of your favorite snacks to munch on, or if you have time, bake your favorite cookies to indulge in post-baby. You’ll be glad you did!

  • Outfit for baby to go home in

This is a no brainer, of course baby needs the most adorable first-day-home outfit!

  • Something for Mom to wear home

You are going to want a fresh outfit to put on for the ride home. Something comfortable – and cute – would be the best option.

  • Insurance card, ID & Birth Plan

You are probably thinking, Duh! But you would be surprised how often people forget these very essential items to take out of your daily bag and put in your hospital bag.

  • Your cord blood collection kit.

If you are going to be collecting your baby’s cord blood, make sure you have your kit in your hospital bag. It is easy to accidentally leave it home during the hospital rush. Should you go into labor before receiving your kit, Americord will hand deliver your kit to you at the hospital. 

Like the other things in your bag, the hospital doesn’t provide your AmericordCollection Kit.

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What’s in the Cord Blood Collection kit: 

The Americord Collection Kit supplies all you need for a proper cord blood or tissue collection at the time of your delivery. If you’re in a rush for a kit, easily access our emergency collection kit via the rush program. Kits are stored near most hospitals for same-day delivery, which is perfect for clients experiencing an early or unexpected delivery. It offers the same 3-in-1 kit, but on your time and for your needs.

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