Is Your Hospital Bag Ready?

We know your hospital bag packing list probably already includes your well-thumbed copy of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” a tennis ball for the small of your back and your favorite snacks. Check out our list of essentials for packing your hospital bag below.

  • Warm Socks and Robe: Having cozy items like a robe and socks will make the cold, hospital environment seem a little more comfortable. Plus, an open-front robe will make breast feeding more convenient.
  • Nursing Bra: If you choose to nurse, pack this so you’re ready for that first special moment with your new baby.
  • Baby’s First Outfit: Bundle your new baby up in his or her first outfit to travel home. Bring at least two options and keep in mind the weather.
  • Heavy Pads and Extra Panties: You’ll be thankful to have these after delivery to keep comfortable and clean.
  • Chargers: For communication, camera and music purposes, you may want to bring a phone charger.
  • Collection Kit: Like the other things in your bag, the hospital doesn’t provide your Americord Collection Kit. Our kit includes everything you will need to bank your baby’s stem cells. Here is a breakdown of what is included in the collection kit:
Like the other things in your bag, the hospital doesn’t provide your AmericordCollection Kit.

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What’s in the kit: 

The Americord Collection Kit supplies all you need for a proper cord blood or tissue collection at the time of your delivery. If you’re in a rush for a kit, easily access our emergency collection kit via the rush program. Kits are stored near most hospitals for same-day delivery, which is perfect for clients experiencing an early or unexpected delivery. It offers the same 3-in-1 kit, but on your time and for your needs.

For more pregnancy, visit the rest of our blog. Find more information on cord blood banking or cord blood tissue banking by downloading our helpful information kit on all things cord blood.

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